Can-am Maverick x3 Buggy Tours in Dubai

Can-am Maverick X3 buggy Rental tour is highly thrilling and exciting that will leave you in an amaze. Zipping through Dubai desert dunes in Can-am maverick X3 is a must-do activity that will be a source of great fun. We at off-road adventure fun are bringing an incredible Canam buggy tour in Dubai with a professional guide and advanced safety equipment. With us, you can enjoy the ride safely and excellently to grab more fun.

Our vehicles are highly maintained, fast, safe and advanced to provide you incredible off-road riding experience across dunes. We offer the best Can-Am Maverick X3 buggy tour packages and deals. You can choose from Can-am buggy morning ride and evening ride. We offer hassle-free pick-up and drop-off along with many other features.

2 Seater Can-am buggy rental tours

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Can-am Buggy Tour
(30 Mins) 850 AED

Explore Dubai desert in a thrilling and unique manner with our 30 minutes Canam buggy tour. Our can-am buggies are highly powerful, secure, and fast that will allow you to enjoy a great off road riding experience. You can take benefit of our affordable can-am buggy rental tours.

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Can-am Buggy Tour
(1 Hour) 1399 AED

Canam tour Dubai is highly enjoyable and thrilling ride for adventure enthusiasts. We offer the best Canam tour packages and deals along with a professional tour guide, safety equipment, pick-up, drop-off and refreshments to provide you an unforgettable off-road riding experience.


Can-am Buggy Tour
(2 Hours) 2499 AED

Enjoy the thrilling Dubai desert ride across red dunes with our 2 hour canam buggy tour that comes with a great tour guide, safety gear, refreshments, pick-up, and drop-off. This will be a remarkable self-drive canam buggy tour across the thrilling red dunes of Dubai Desert.

4 Seater Can-am Maverick x3 Buggy Rental Tours

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4 Seater Canam Buggy Tour
(30 Minutes) 999 AED

Have an incredible group off road adventure in Dubai Desert with our 4 seaters can-am buggy tour consisting of 30 minutes. Our vehicles are highly powerful and safe however we offer professional tour guides along with high-end safety gear.

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4 Seater Canam Buggy Tour
(1 HOUR) 1690 AED

Experience the thrill and excitement of riding through Dubai Desert with our 4 seaters canam buggy tour. This 1 hour ride will give you lifetime memories as you can explore the desert uniquely. We offer affordable canam buggy rentals along with professional tour guides and safety .

2 Hours Can-am Buggy Tour-offroadadventurefun

4 Seater Canam Buggy Tour
(2 HOURS) 2890 AED

Make lifetime memories by experiencing our canam buggy tour that comes with the best tour guide and safety gear. Our 2 hour canam ride is designed especially for adventure enthusiasts who want to have thrilling and exciting experiences by exploring Dubai Desert uniquely.


Looking for a professional, reliable and affordable Canam buggy riding experience? Off road adventure fun comes with the best canam buggy Rental Dubai deals and packages so that you can enjoy safe as well as thrilling off-road rides through the dunes.

You can explore the red dunes in our powerful and advanced canam maverick X3 buggies ensuring incredible offroad riding experience. We offer multiple canam tour deals from which you can choose as per your budget and concerns. However, all our tours come with safety equipment, a professional tour guide, refreshments, and more.

Our vehicles are fully maintained, advanced, and secure thus come with fully automatic gears that bash the Desert sand excellently. We offer Canam buggy rental Dubai with pick up, drop off service on affordable Price and refreshments.

Why Choose Off Road Adventure Fun for Canam Buggy Tour Dubai

Zipping through the red dunes on high-end canam buggies in Dubai is a must do activity for every adventure enthusiasts. We give you an incredible opportunity to enjoy the exciting, secure, and enjoyable canam buggy rides under our professional guidance.

You can have a remarkable off-road riding experience by picking our great canam buggy rental Dubai tour packages and deals. In our high-speed, powerful, and advanced vehicles, you can fly through the red dunes while enjoying the spectacular views of the desert. With us, you can make this experience more enjoyable, convenient, and memorable.

  • Highly professional and helpful tour guide by our expert staff
  • Well-maintained, secure, and powerful Canam Maverick X3 buggies with automatic gears
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your location
  • Affordable Canam Buggy Tour Dubai packages and deals
  • Two and four seat canam buggy options

Book your ride now with us to have a safe, thrilling, and exciting Canam buggy riding experience in Dubai.

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Frequently asked questions

Our buggies can achieve a top speed of 110-120km/hour. However, it is advised to go on a slower speed to avoid any mishap.

here is no particular dress code. You should wear comfortable clothes to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. All our buggies can accommodate children, but minor child are prohibited to ride along.

ou can pay through PayPal, Bank Transfer, or cash in case you want to pay on the day of your ride.

No license required. Only Passport required for Dune Buggy Tour.

You need to book your ride in advance and bring with you the receipt of payment or cash in case you want to pay on the day of your visit