Best Desert Buggy Safari in Dubai

We are here to set your souls on fire at the edge of an adventurous journey across the heart of the Arabian Desert.


Join Off Road Adventure Fun to get memorable Dune Buggy safari Dubai experience and make your trip memorable. It is filled with the thrilling and off-road Dune buggy safari and get great experience with adrenaline rush through the red sand dunes of the Arabian desert.

2 Seater Polaris 1000cc Dune Buggy Rental IN DUBAI Packages and Price


Quick Adventure Buggy Ride
(30 Mins) 599 AED

Enjoy our 30 minutes self-drive open desert buggy ride full of adventure, excitement, and thrills across golden dunes while exploring the beauty of the Arabian desert.


Dune Buggy Tour
(1 Hour) 900 AED

Let’s have an unforgettable dune buggy tour for 1 hour on our Polaris RZR 1000cc with a professional tour guide, safety gear, and refreshments.


Dune Buggy Tour
(2 Hours) 1290 AED

Make lifetime memories by experiencing our exciting dune buggy tours in Dubai for 2 hours, allowing you to enjoy stunning desert views and a thrilling ride.

4 Seater Polaris 1000cc Dune Buggy Adventure IN DUBAI


4 Seater Buggy Tour
(30 Mins.) 650 AED

We come up with the most memorable and exciting deep desert Dune buggy safari Dubai for 30 minutes across the majestic dunes. Our buggies are secure and easy to operate.


4 Seater Buggy Ride
(1 HOUR) 990 AED

We bring an exciting and memorable four-seater dune buggy safari with a professional tour guide and safety gear. You can enjoy a group buggy tour while having incredible desert riding.


4 Seater Buggy Tour
(2 HOURS) 1390 AED

Enjoy this long and exciting tour in our high-end 4-seater dune buggy safari tours while encountering incredible desert views along with an enjoyable ride on dunes.

1 Seater Polaris 1000cc Dune Buggy RENTAL AND Tours IN DUBAI


Polaris RS1 Buggy Tour
(30 Minutes) 490 AED

Are you ready to experience something new and exciting? We have come up with an adventurous, enjoyable, and thrilling 1 Seater dune buggy safari experience for 30 Minutes that you will never forget.


Polaris RS1 Buggy tour
(1 HOUR) 690 AED

Let’s experience a wonderful Polaris RS1 buggy safari with us at affordable rates. You can enjoy a safe and exciting self-drive across majestic dunes while encountering breathtaking desert views.


Polaris Rs1 buggy tour
(2 HOURS) 1090 AED

Make your Dubai trip memorable with our Polaris RS1 Buggy tour providing you a chance to enjoy thrilling yet self-drive with speed, comfort, and safety.

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Get the Best & Affordable Buggy Tours in Dubai

We offer heart-catching and perfect Dune buggy safari Dubai experience so that our valued customers can get a golden chance to explore every corner of the desert life in Dubai. Then be ready to hit the sparkling red sand dunes at low fair, so what are you waiting for ? book desert touring with us and make your buggy safari touring experience more exciting.

Highly Professional Team Equipped with Technical Skills

We provide a highly professional instructing team for your guidance and safety purposes. You don’t need to worry about technical riding skills as you will be under the guidance of our professional team on the most well-equipped, automatic, and comfortable 4×4 Land cruiser for cover up during Desert touring in Dubai.

Leave all your stress behind and join us on the fascinating journey of adventures in the heart of Dubai. Go ahead and grab your hands on the Dune Buggy rentals at feasible hourly-based riding rates, which are mentioned according to hours to burn the desire for adventures within your soul

Hire Dune Buggy With Peace of Mind

It’s time to experience an off-road buggy riding challenge to bash the red sand dunes in Dubai desert camping like never before! Visit our page and hire Dune buggy safari with us for memorable desert adventures, so you will not miss this incredible chance to hit a memorable trip in the UAE. 

We offer an impressive and heart-melting collection of well-equipped and light-weighted with full roll cages dune buggies so our valued customers can enjoy this adventurous tour at its fullest.

Hire dune buggies from our exclusive collection, which are easy to handle with the most fascinating features with roll cages. you could ever experience! 

Capture Enjoyable & Memorable Moments

To make your Dune buggy experiences more enjoyable, we will also avail you of a fantastic offer of capturing your memorable moments with our digital camera. You can share these thrilling moments with your friends to inspire them to Dubai experience this breathtaking dune bashing with Polaris buggy ride.

Nothing is more than the satisfaction of our client.

We are primarily committed to your satisfaction and safety, thereby hiring dune buggy rental in Dubai with us. We will make it the most memorable time you could ever have! You don’t need to worry about safety issues because we don’t let you spoil your adventurous trip due to safety issues and inexperienced riding skills, as you will be under the guidance of our professional instructing team. 


Frequently asked questions

Our buggies can achieve a top speed of 110-120km/hour. However, it is advised to go at a slower speed to avoid any mishap.

Here is no particular dress code. You should wear comfortable clothes to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. All our buggies can accommodate children, but minor children are prohibited from riding along.

You can pay through PayPal, Bank Transfer, or cash if you want to pay on the day of your ride.

No license is required—only a Passport is required for Dune Buggy Tour.

You need to book your ride in advance and bring the receipt of payment or cash if you want to pay on the day of your visit.