Yacht Rental & Dubai Yacht Tours

Private Yacht Tour Marina 1 Hour
790 AED

Private Yacht Tour Marina 1 Hour
(10 Persons) 990 AED

Private Yacht Tour Marina 1 Hour
(13 Persons) 1290 AED

Private Yacht Tour (1 Hour)
(16 Persons ) 1390 AED

Fishing in Arabian Sea (4 Hours)
1999 AED

Parasailing Baot fly
690 AED (45 Minutes)

Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht Tour with Affordable Services

Are you considering having fantastic fun in Dubai Yacht Tour? If yes, then we are here to assist you in this matter. As soon as you roam all around the popular locations, it would help if you spared time to be a cruising phase and have ultimate fun. Indeed, Dubai is the region where one can expect a lot of exiting and freedom. If you have to take your vacation journey to the subsequent level, simply go with the boat condominium services.

Get Unlimited Fun with Dubai Luxury Yacht Tour

You will find out the various ranges of natural marvels and sparking town life on a Dubai yacht tour. Many of these wonders are unique to this place, and notable sightseeing points of interest will make you speechless. Apart from an enjoyable time, we provide superb carrying events to ride and have a great blast except for any problem. Here in Dubai, we have clear local weather in all seasons. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your holiday or Dubai Luxury Yacht Tour as it will always give you a delicate moment to be cherished.

Our Exclusive & Award-winning Yacht Rental Services

Rent a boat with us / yacht rental in Dubai and experience Dubai’s notable surroundings will effortlessly serve to any measurement of the group. Our boats and yacht tours Dubai are ideal for birthday parties, small company events, for getting a peaceful time. Must come with family and friends, have tempting food, drinks, and get equipped for day or night on the water. Select from a morning, or nightfall visit ride Dubai from a sumptuous yacht without the tag’s cost.

Safety Tips during Yacht tour

Yacht Tour of the great town of Dubai is bound to be a pleasant experience. It’s one of the exciting ways of exploring waterways. Our to begin with and first need is your safety. Some of the safety tips are here. When you are on the Dubai Yacht Tour, you have to follow the safety tips continually.

•     Watermark navigation

The primary thing is to comply with the policies of watermark navigation during the Dubai yacht tour. The yacht has to preserve a safe pace in the course of the journey. The driver’s ability, contemporary visibility, boat traffic, depth of water, and weather condition have to be kept in mind always.

•      Life jacket

Life jacket for every person is currently onboard. Ensure that the protection tools are without problem reachable when they are wished in an emergency. 

•     Flashlight 

A flashlight and more batteries can assist see around your boat in the darkish. And enable you to be considered if you run out of fuel or if your crafts stalls. 

•     Bucket

Even if the boat is not leaking, water may additionally in any other case enter the vessel. A bucket can assist you to safeguard it out.

•     First aid kit

During Dubai yacht tour, an excellent outfitted first-use useful resource kit, plus the expertise on how to use it, is essential in case of an accident.

•     Boating safety course

There are numerous online publications available, inclusive of a few terms. Our company offers a free online boating course security direction explicitly developed for each character state. Off-Road Adventure Fun provides an additional list of online and hands-on guides for boating safety.

Choose the Best Dubai Yacht Tour Plan and Leave the Rest

If all the above factors are considered and implemented, then the people on board will have a brilliant time and will enjoy cruising. If you are on the lookout for an apartment yacht trip in Dubai, contact us and have great fun.

Within the Dubai Marina Yacht Tour, you may get to visit around the celebrated engaging area of the Dubai Ocean. And appreciating investing your time within the lap of standard excellence encompassing you.