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Safety Tips for Dubai Desert Dune Buggy Adventure 

If you are a motorcycling enthusiast, Dune Buggy Dubai is a must-try. This adventure will allow you to experience the thrill of riding on a desert track full of obstacles. This can be an exciting way to spend your time and break away from the monotony of everyday life. But hold your horses. Before you do anything, here are a few safety tips for you to follow during desert buggy Dubai Tour. 


Always Wear sunscreen. 

Wear sunscreen. You should apply it liberally before you get in the car and reapply every few hours while you’re out there. Also, remember to cover the back of your neck and ears with a hat or cap if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Do not forget about those hands! They can get burned easily if left unprotected from the sun’s rays for too long. 

It is essential to Stay hydrated. 

Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure can get hot, and it’s easy to lose track of how much water you’re drinking. Instead of trying to guess how much water you should drink before heading out on the trails, bring a water bottle with you on the ride. And don’t forget to drink even when you don’t feel thirsty!

Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically  

Preparation is the key, and it doesn’t just mean packing your bag with enough water. It will help you be mentally prepared for the long day ahead and physically.

Prepare yourself mentally by reading up on what to expect before you go out there (we’ve got some handy guides on it). It’s also helpful to read up on Desert Buggy Dubai Adventure itself so that you know what to expect from your experience—the heat, dunes, wind, and sun all play their parts in one big adventure!  

Prepare yourself physically by ensuring that everyone has a good fitness level before they step into the desert! 

Do Proper Research Before Embarking on A Dangerous Adventure  

It’s important to do your research before embarking on Desert Buggy Dubai. Research the risks and know your limits, which will help you stay safe. 

Don’t go alone: A friend or family member can help keep you safe if they go along with you. If they don’t have any experience, it’s best to take precautions such as wearing protective gear.  

Don’t go unprepared: You should always bring the proper clothing for the Desert buggy Dubai tour, whatever weather conditions in the desert.  

Always have your safety gear with you.

Have your safety gear with you. A helmet and goggles are a must. You’ll also want gloves, body armor (if required), protective boots, and a sport coat or jacket that offers protection from the sun and wind.

Bring Enough Food And Water  

The most important thing to remember when planning your trip is to bring enough food and water. You should also bring enough for yourself and your friends, guides, and family members who may be accompanying you on this adventure. 

Although we offer refreshments in the morning tours and dinner in the evening tours, planning ahead can help ensure that you have all the supplies needed for a safe journey through the desert! 

Wear A Fitted Helmet 

The helmet is the most important piece of equipment for the Desert Buggy Dubai trip. When fitting your helmet, ensure it sits firmly on your head and doesn’t wobble or move around. If necessary, adjust its straps so that they’re tight enough to keep the helmet locked into place.  

Opt For a Guided Desert Buggy Dubai Tour

 You should opt for a guided tour. Guides know the area, and they can help you navigate your way through the desert safely. They also ensure that everyone follows the same rules—and if you’re new to this type of adventure, it’s much easier to follow someone else than it is to try and figure out where you should stand or what’s around you.

Learn how to control your Quad bike, Dune Buggy, or Dirt Bike on the sand 

To ride a bike in the dunes, you need to learn how to control it. Ensure that your tires are properly inflated and have enough air (don’t overinflate). If they’re too small or don’t have enough air, you could get stuck and possibly break your chain or gear mechanism if you also try to ride off-road. If they are too inflated, you risk bursting them.

The Importance of Your Gear And Clothing  

Your gear and clothing are your most important safety tools.  

A helmet should be used if you’re riding in the desert. It should have a full-face model and fit snugly on your head without being too tight or uncomfortable. If you wear glasses, make sure they fit underneath the helmet so that there is no risk of them breaking inside their frame. Buggy Rental Dubai provides all the required gadgets and safety when you book with us.

Gloves are also vital for protecting yourself from burns caused by hot temperatures during the summer months in the Dubai Desert! Many different types of gloves are available from different manufacturers, such as Salomon X Ultra 3D Neoprene Mitts – Mens/Womens/Kids.  

Don’t go alone  

One of the biggest risks you can take while going in a desert is to go alone. The desert is wild, and many dangers are lurking around every corner. Don’t be that person who thinks they can handle anything by themselves—you will regret it later.

There are many reasons why you need to have someone with you when exploring Dubai Desert buggy Adventure : 

  • You might not be as experienced at desert trips or even in general, so having someone around who knows what they’re doing will help keep everyone safe (and sane). 
  • If something goes wrong out there in the middle of nowhere, having one person with experience will make sure nothing happens out of the ordinary  

Always have a filled first-aid kit.  

You should always have a full first-aid kit with you. Make sure your kit includes the essentials: 

  • A flashlight 
  • A compass 
  • A whistle 

It’s important to remember that there are many ways to experience this adventure. You can go on your own or with friends and family members. The best way is to get together with people who share the same interest. Dune Buggy Dubai Desert Adventure will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities while exploring different places around Dubai Deserts. Book now or contact us for more information.

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