Are you ready to move into a thrilling experience in Dubai? Well if we talk about our recommendations, we will not be mentioning about the beaches and the high rises. Because according to us, Dubai Desert Safari is something which can make your whole experience of Dubai to be worth sharing with everyone. And when it comes to the Dubai Safari, we never miss to mention with the name of Dirt Bike tour experience.

Dirt Bike tour is about the experience where you can power up the thrill of sand dunes. By getting into the dirt bike, you are simply into the fun where you are enjoy the beauty of the sun set and move into the dose of adrenaline. If you have still not experienced the beauty of the Dirt Bike, then get ready to arrange a tour to the Desert Safari and plan a dirt bike with your friend right now.

But if you are getting into the dirt bike tour Dubai experience for the first time, you need to be careful about few of the tips during the ride. Let’s highlight a few of them below:

  1. Good Riding Position is Key

You should be extremely careful about the riding position in which you are sitting on the bike. Correct sitting position is so much important when it comes to taking the turns, putting some brakes or even using the accelerate. If you are a newcomer, then the best option is to test the bike first which can enable you to know about how much weight it can handle and at what point. This is hence often true as we talk about the motorbike rental in the Dubai city. Well this is mainly because the bike is often tending to get worn over some of the key places which is making it a lot comfortable for some of the people and less comfortable for a few.

Riders should be sitting in a comfortable posture within the indention where the seat of the bike is meeting its gas tank. Your toes of the foot and the front face have to touch the ground while you are standing on the bike. But make sure that you are just capable enough in standing as the stand flat-footed as the bike is leaning off to one of the side.

Always double check as if the bike has been into the right positioning and into the fitting by accelerating it slowly. You can also choose to move into a standing position. All the riders should make it happen in a way by simply pulling over the bars.

  1. Know When to Sit & When to Stand

Most of the riders choose to ride the bike in the standing position. This is because this body posture will enable them to have a control and flexibility on their body for the better navigation. For them they can easily cross through the obstacles in this body posture. Hence, there are some of the benefits which you have to maintain when it comes to the good body positions at the time of bike riding. If you are suffering from bad knee issues, then sitting down on the bike will make your experience enjoyable.

No matter whatever position you are choosing, it is always important to stand when some larger obstacles or the jumps comes in. Just place the feet over the pegs and then grip the knees all around the thin area of your bike tank. Bent the legs a bit and then position them into forward direction. You should not be standing straight and should not be locking the knees because it will reduce the flexibility in your body.

If you are somehow uncertain about any of the obstacle, just don’t be afraid of pushing the obstacle. This is the suitable response if you find themselves into any of the hurdles coming into your way of riding.

  1. Adjust for Two-Finger Operations

Another major mistake which most of the newcomers will make is that they are using the fingers to have a grip over the handles. If you are riding for the first time, then it is quite a lot common that you will feel certain shakiness in your hands. At this point, the instructor will ask you to hold the handlebars very firmly so that you are capable enough to reach closer to the brake. You just have to keep the palms over the handle bar. This will enable the rider to yet lose upon with the major portion of the steering control at the time of braking.

Next time, when you are on the dirt bike tour, make sure that you position your hands perfectly so it won’t ruin the whole experience of your bike ride.

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