On a straight highway, driving seems accessible and a fun thing to do. Or, while moving through the streets, it is easy to maintain a slow speed and view the items on each side of the road. But easiness ends when we move to a hill station where maintaining momentum is difficult. However, steepness still has a path to follow. Now consider yourself on a Sand Buggy Dubai driving trip. The scenarios change, as does the safety protocol. You need to respect the surface and everything the sand has to offer. 

So here is a guide for what you need to make your Sand Buggy Dubai experience the best and safe. 


Driving Tips For Sand Buggy Dubai When Moving Up  



The first step when starting a sand buggy Dubai ride is understanding that you must move to the top of the dune. You must drive perfectly so your car or ride does not topple over. 

Route Inspection 

Some routes appear straightforward, whereas some ways include a wavy pattern. However, some people will move the top following the wavy way. But this is all that comes with perfection. Being a new rider, you have to consider the safest route. And this is possible by visually inspecting which way has a straight or non-wavy path. 

Speed Maintenance 

Most new riders do wrong is do not match the speed requirements. However, you will not see signboards telling you the speed to keep in check. Speed maintenance is necessary whenever you are moving up the dune. Thus, moving to the upward path with the required speed is good.

Gear Selection 

Knowing what the gear shifting must be is reasonable when considering a dune buggy Dubai ride. While moving up a hill, using minuscule gears is ideal. It balances your low speed with your packs and allows your engine to perform best. Thus, your gear selection must be on point while moving up the dune. 


Driving is co-related to grip and traction. Traction refers to the control that the wheels of the vehicle offer along the surface. The traction is beneficial when moving up a hill or moving downwards. Thus, to keep your wheels in control during Dune Buggy Riding in Dubai. Make sure to drive the vehicle’s steering to adjust your wheels with the sand surface. 

Dune Buggy Driving Tips When Moving Down 

Come Down Sharply 

The main difference between a road and sand is the technique while moving down. It is best to move slowly down the slope. However, driving down the sand is ideal for moving down sharply. 

Low Gear Maintenance 

While moving down, you need to keep your sharpness in check. But you need to keep your gear shifting precise as well. Just like moving up, your kits must be at a low. Similarly, you must keep your loads at a minimum while moving down. 

Strong Initiation 

Like moving up, it is advisable to have a constant speed before so you move smoothly at the top. Similarly, increasing your acceleration would be best if you initiated the movement while driving down a dune. It allows your vehicle to have the best momentum from now on. 


The only thing that can harm and cause your vehicle to trip over is the brakes. Although in such situations, brakes help a lot. But new riders panic quickly and rush to apply sudden brakes. Sudden brakes prove to be fatal when moving down a dune. 

Eyes Open 

Keep your eyes open when moving down the dune during buggy riding in Dubai. It is helpful while up, too; however, moving down requires much care. Keep your helmet on if you are driving an open vehicle. Or keep your windows tightly shut while riding a car. 

Riding Vehicles 

Sand Buggy Dubai Riding is a fun way to experience nature. Moreover, it also polishes your driving skill and makes you keep the adventure informative. 

Dune Buggy


A dune buggy Dubai is a popular Adventure found nearby desert places. This vehicle is the best convertible one also. You can select from a two-seater to a four-seater family ride. What is the best about this vehicle is the weight. Since this vehicle does not have closing-like doors, it has a deficient weight. It makes riding a dune buggy in Dubai. It composes large tires at a good width, thus keeping them built perfectly. 

Dirt Bike 

dirt bike rental

A dirt bike is another popular riding vehicle in the sand. It is mainly a one-person driving vehicle while you can accompany your friend behind. But primarily, dirt bikes are driven by a single person in the sand. These bikes are specially built for a sand ride comprising special tires. They allow fine traveling by keeping your ride safe and long-lasting. Moreover, these bikes follow a uniform, streamlined body shape. It will save you from maintaining the required speed and avoiding the wind while moving up and down the dune. 

Quad Bike 


An exciting vehicle that almost all new users can enjoy and ride. A quad bike offers a great riding experience in the Dubai desert. It allows you to ride a car with a bike structure. You will find bike-like steering but four wheels like a car. Above all, this is the safest ride for young ones, too, since there are no falling-off factors like the ones during a bike ride. 


It would be best to keep a lot in mind for the perfect Dune Riding. From the safety tips to the services on offer, there is much you can experience and enjoy. Such a riding experience in the sand gives your memories that much-needed X-factor. However, it is best to accompany a guide who can provide all the necessary information. But in the meantime, enjoy this excellent informative read!

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